Our motto at Emmanuel Baptist Church is “glorifying God by connecting, growing, and serving together in the power of the Gospel.” All of our emphases are contained in this short statement.

“Glorifying God” – We believe that we have been created to worship God and know our deepest joy in living for His sake. Therefore, we are driven by the desire to make God’s name great in all we do as a church.

“Connecting, growing, and serving” – This three-fold plan is the way we intend to Glorify God. We want to connect with each other in real relationships, grow together in our knowledge of God through his Word, and serve each other and the world through efforts of love.

“In the power of the Gospel” – Make no mistake about it: this church is full of sinners with real problems.  Because of that we do not glorify God, connect, grow, or serve in love well at all.  We are people who need grace and help to do anything that pleases God.  Therefore, our only hope is that Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins and promises to change us as we continually keep our eyes on Him.  In the Gospel we find the motivation and power to live the way God has called us to live as individuals and as a church body.

About us

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