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Emmanuel Baptist church is an Elder-led, Deacon-served, congregational church.  This means that, while the members of EBC are the final authority over the church under Christ, the congregation follows the pastoral leadership of a group of Elders, who oversee the ministry of the Church. The congregation is also served and led in service by the body of Deacons, who facilitate the practical needs of the church and maintain the things needed for the church to gather in worship.  



Drew Taylor and his wife Kristina

DSC_8220 2.jpg

Mike Failmezger and his wife Shea



John Helton and his wife Cindy

Deacon Chairman 


Daniel Kuzbary and his wife Kaylee 

Deacon Vice-Chairman


Thomas Conant and his wife Paige

Deacon Secretary

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 2.29.54 PM.png

Brett Fraser and his wife Jessica

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